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M6 by Mercku: Lightning Fast Wi-Fi 6 Mesh

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Mercku’s M6: Lightning Fast Wi-Fi 6 Mesh with Wall-to-Wall Coverage
Mercku’s M6: Lightning Fast Wi-Fi 6 Mesh with Wall-to-Wall Coverage  Bild: Mercku

Berlin [ENA] Innovation at the IFA: Wi-Fi division announces the newest addition to their portfolio – the Mercku M6 Mesh System. This modular system innovates on the science of wireless communications, prioritizing speed, and connectivity. Mercku’s M6 fully taps into the power of the Wi-Fi 6 generation.

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax Wi-Fi) represents the latest generation of Wi-Fi technology, optimizing network speeds and lowering energy consumption, all while managing an increasing number of connected devices. As Wi-Fi 6-compatible devices become commonplace, backward compatibility with previous generations makes Wi-Fi 6 a truly future-proof solution. “The ‘home’ as we know it is going through an evolution, and in 2020, we are only scratching the surface of what’s possible,” says Erik Ackner, President of Mercku Europe. “Network congestion can become a huge hurdle considering we’re now reliant on home Wi-Fi for remote work, high-resolution video streaming, and even healthcare.

We’re very excited to showcase our new Wi-Fi 6 mesh system at IFA Berlin. Previously, we have won numerous design awards for our products – I believe the M6 is our best system yet!” The M6 Mesh System is the successor to Mercku’s award-winning (CES, Red Dot, etc.) M2 Hive Wi-Fi system, offering new and improved proprietary technology. With Wi-Fi EasyMesh™, powered by Qualcomm, the M6 provides even more flexibility, allowing mesh nodes from other brands to integrate into the network efficiently.All configurations for the M6 can be remotely accessed and controlled from a single mobile device using Mercku’s mobile app or web portal.

Mercku puts the control back in the users’ hands, allowing them to manage all devices on their network, optimize node set-up, and even create parental controls. “A connected home is where you have lightning-fast connections, spreading to all corners of the house,” adds Erik Ackner, “consumers expect entertainment, security, resource efficiency, and control – and of course, ease of set-up. Wi-Fi should be beautifully designed, fit perfectly in any room, and does not cause worry. We’ve created a device to fit that need for the next decade.” M6 Mesh System will launch in Q4 2020. Further details will be shared at the Mercku M6 Launch Event on September 22, 2020, hosted by Erik Ackner, President, Alex Qi, CEO, and the Mercku team.

About Mercku : Mercku’s mission is to create a positive global impact through powerful and easy-to-use technology – with a proven history working with major telecom providers in 20+ markets globally. The founders are world-renowned experts with more than 450 patents between them; their designs for smartphone antennas and satellites are foundations for today’s technology. Other accreditations include Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) and the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE). With offices in Canada, Germany, and China, Mercku also develops solutions for businesses, including wireless sensing.

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