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Fitbit Debuts Sense, its Most Advanced Health Smartwatch

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Fall Launch 2020 - Fitbit Sense - presented at IFA Berlin
Fall Launch 2020 - Fitbit Sense - presented at IFA Berlin  Bild: Fitbit

Berlin [ENA] Fitbit, an American digital health and fitness brand, founded in 2007 in San Francisco and known for its eponymous fitness trackers, that helped ignite the wearables trend over years, presented from 03.09 - 05.09.2020 at IFA Berlin the Fitbit SenseTM, the company’s most advanced health smartwatch. 

It brings innovative sensor and software technology with the world’s first electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor on a smartwatch to help manage stress, along with advanced heart rate tracking technology, new ECG app, an on-wrist skin temperature sensor, all powered by 6+ days of battery life.   “Our mission to make everyone in the world healthier has never been more important than it is today. COVID-19 has shown us all, how critical it is to take care of both our physical and mental health and wellbeing,” said James Park, co-founder and CEO, Fitbit.

“Our new products and services are our most innovative yet, coupling our most advanced sensor technology and algorithms to unlock more information about our bodies and our health, so you can be in control. We are breaking new ground with our wearables, helping you better understand and manage your stress and heart health, and pulling your key health metrics together in a simple and digestible way to track things like skin temperature and heart rate variability, so you can see how it’s all connected. Most importantly, we are making health accessible, surfacing new data, that you may only get once or twice a year at the doctor’s office, that you can use to focus on your holistic health and wellness, at a time when it’s needed most.”   

Stress is a global issue, with one in three people experiencing a lot of worry or stress, as well as psychological and physiological symptoms caused by stress. Over time, the physical strain from stress can contribute to a variety of health problems if unmanaged, like an increased risk for high blood pressure and heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and mental health disorders like anxiety or depression.   The combined on-device and in-app experience with Fitbit Sense gives you insights into your body’s response to stress - with tools to help you manage both your physical and mental stress. This innovative stress management experience was built by Fitbit’s team of behavioral health experts.

The new EDA sensor on Fitbit Sense measures electrodermal activity responses. Using the EDA Scan app, place your palm over the face of the device to detect small electrical changes in the sweat level of your skin.  Fitbit’s new Stress Management Score calculates how your body is responding to stress based on your heart rate, sleep and activity data. The score is coupled with recommendations to better manage stress, like breathing exercises and other mindfulness tools. All things considered - an extremely successfull innovation, which helps to control and improve state of health every day - with prices starting from merely 300€.

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